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The French word hors d'œuvre literally means “apart from the main work”, and in meals, this naturally comes to represent food items that are aside from the main course, and these are usually served before the actual dinner.

Horderves, being a borrowed French word, has many different spellings used. The original french word is written as hors d'œuvre. Some more common translations replace the œ ligature which does not exist in the English language with oe, giving its spelling as hors d’oeuvre.

Another translation spells the word the way as it is pronounced, giving rise to the translation used here, horderves.

By this definition, horderves can be any food served before the actual dinner. For example, horderves can be served during the period between guest arrivals and the actual dinner, like the cocktail hour.

These serve to keep the guests entertained and partially filled while mingling and waiting for other guests to arrive. Horderves can also be served at the table as part of the meal, but in general horderves are used to refer to bite size finger food served at such occasions, but snacks like chips, fruits or cut cheese are not considered horderves.

Horderves are food items made with relatively amount of sophisticated effort and also with considerable amount of effort placed in their aesthetics, so ready snacks are not normally considered as horderves. There are many horderves recipes out there, for example roasted honey glazed apples can be horderves, but cut apples on a plate are not.

Horderves are common menu items across many cultures, and each have their styles and specialities suited for different purposes. But in general, horderves are meant to be presentable food items at more glamorous events and at the same time, they need to be prepared in large quantities due to their bite size nature. Therefore there is a need for easy to make horderves recipes.

Horderves recipes can be elaborate and difficult to make like those served at hotel receptions or they can simple recipes good enough for home parties but yet still up to the mark to provide your guests with horderves that are appealing to not only their tastebuds, but their visual senses as well.




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